Prominent Baptist Pastor: Vote For ‘Cult’ Mormon Romney Because Obama ‘Shakes Fist At God’

Prominent Southern Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress told a syndicated radio host that despite GOP candidate Mitt Romney being a part of the “cult” of Mormonism, Americans should vote for him because President Barack Obama is sinful and “shakes its fist” at God in defiance.

Jeffress told host Janet Mefferd that he has “made peace” with voting for a Mormon, despite it being very clear that Mormonism “is a cult, it is a false religion” whose members “worship a multiplicity of Gods” and “deny the Bible.” He said he prefers the Mormon candidate to President Obama “who absolutely repudiates what Jesus Christ said about some key issues” like abortion and same-sex marriage.

The Texas-based pastor also warned that if Obama is re-elected, America is “about to go over the moral and spiritual cliff from which there is no return,” because the Democratic administration is “openly involved in high-handed sins” and shaking its “fist in the face of God” with its policies on abortion and gay marriage.

He implored Christians to get out and vote for Romney in order to prevent going over the impending cliff.

Before Romney secured the Republican nomination, Jeffress was an outspoken critic of his Mormon faith, at one point openly calling for the nomination of Texas Governor Rick Perry because Mormonism is “a heresy from the pit of Hell.”

Listen below, via Right Wing Watch:

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