Protester to MSNBC Host: ‘Why Does it Take a Catastrophe’ to Get Media Coverage?

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts stopped a demonstrator in Baltimore yesterday afternoon hoping to hear her perspective on the tumult that had rocked her city in the past 24 hours. And boy did he get it.

“My question to you is, when we were out here protesting all last week, for six days straight peacefully, there were no news cameras, there were no helicopters, there was no riot gear, and nobody heard us,” said the protester, who identified herself as Danielle.

“So now that we’ve burned down buildings and set businesses on fire and looted buildings, now all of the sudden everybody wants to hear us,” she said. “Why does it take a catastrophe like this in order for America to hear our cry?”

Yesterday President Barack Obama made the same point, as did The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart last night.

Roberts rolled right on and asked her about the response from city officials, which she faulted as well.

Watch the clip below:

[Image via screengrab]

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