Putin Invites Kim Jong-un to Russia and America Can’t Do Anything About It


This week, North Korea was accused of hacking Sony’s computers in a devastating cyberattack, and American-Russian relations are growing uneasy as the value of the ruble falls. So naturally, today is the best day for Russia to announce that Kim Jong-Un will visit Vladimir Putin next year.

Russian officials confirmed that the dictator will be Putin’s guest during Moscow’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. According to the Washington Post, this will be Kim’s first foreign visit since he assumed power in 2011.

At this point, we really shouldn’t have to remind you why Putin and Kim hate America with the burning passion of a thousand nuclear bombs, but to quickly remind you why they don’t like us right now:

  • Putin invaded Ukraine earlier this summer, backing rebels who accidentally shot down a passenger jet like idiots, leading to the world placing harsh economic sanctions on Russia. That, combined with the falling price of oil, caused the figurative collapse of the ruble, leading to a Russia where people would rather buy cars than save soon-to-be worthless money, and no one gets to eat cheese. (The likelihood that Putin will cease his Ukraine adventures to stabilize the economy is slim, however, given his statements in a recent three-hour press conference.)
  • Kim Jong-Un got mad that Seth Rogen and James Franco made a bad movie where, in between poop jokes, they exploded his head.
  • (Okay, there are a lot of reasons that North Korea wants to destroy America, but that’s the most recent one.)
  • And now they’re going to hang out, eat popcorn, sing “Shake It Off,” and hate America together.

    [The Washington Post]
    [Image via screenshots]

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