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Rachel Maddow Reminds America That David Vitter Is Still A Senator

It seems that Louisiana Rep. Charlie Melancon‘s attack ad against Republican Senator David Vitter have reawakened long-dormant attacks on Vitter for his various ethics infractions. Last night, Rachel Maddow brought up the ad in the context of how little criticism Vitter has received for his previous behavior, noting that Melancon had “crossed the Rubicon” in leading the charge against it. But why did it take so long?

After leading her segment with one of her favorite Vitter punchlines and explaining what she perceives as Vitter’s “coffee-up-the-nose stunning hypocrisy,” Maddow had as her guest someone well-versed enough in Louisiana politics to explain to her why Vitter seemed to keep trudging along when so many other politicians have had to resign for much less. Clancy Dubos, owner of the Gambit Weekly, noted that in following Louisiana politics closely, he perceived that Louisiana Republicans “loved” Governor Bobby Jindal but only “tolerated” Vitter, and that the latter’s “soft underbelly” was with female voters, making the ad expertly targeted in his opinion. He also added that he believed there to be some fear as to what would happen to people, especially within the Republican Party, who chose to bring up Vitter’s past troubles.

The interview with Dubos via MSNBC below:

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