Rachel Maddow: Tea Partiers Are The New ‘GOP Baggers’

Picture 2On last night’s show Rachel Maddow, looking back at 2009, called the attempted reinvention of the Republican party after the last year’s election the “the greatest show in American politics over the past year.” So what will that reinvention produce? Maddow taps the Tea Partiers as a the strongest sign of what’s to come.

Maddow points to Michael Steele’s joint phone press conference with Dick Armey — who with his Freedom Works group has made great steps to appropriate the splintering Partiers – as (temporary) evidence of what direction the coming GOP leadership is attempting to steer itself. Says Maddow:

So much for the Tea Party contingent running insufficiently right wing Republicans out of the party, right? Now, at least according to Dick Armey and Michael Steele, the Republican party are the Tea Partiers and the Tea Partiers are the Republican Party. They are the GOP-baggers. They are the Tea-publicans. They are one! At least they were on Monday…It already appears to be over.

But not so fast! Maddow goes on to note that Rep. Parker Griffith whose defection to the GOP yesterday was greeted with unanimous cheer on the (elected) right, was not greeted quite so warmly by the Tea Partiers who are now threatening to “tea bag” him. And so the GOP “show” returns and goes on. Full video below:

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