Radio Station Wonders if Homeless People Should Be Stuck on an Island, Faces Internet Ire


A radio station in Washington state, KIRO 97.3 FM, tweeted out a link to an article yesterday. The article broke down a debate between two KIRO hosts, John Curley and Tom Tangney, who have differing opinions on whether or not the homeless population of Seattle should be placed on an island away from the general population. The tweet tried to reignite the debate and let followers discuss the issue, but the station ended up getting piled on.

Seattle-based writers Lindy West, Ijeoma Oluo, and Brett Hamil joined in:

Their followers joined in, too:

Donald Trump had an interview on the station this afternoon, so they might be too busy to notice how many people are mad at them, but these responses answer their original question, at any rate.

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