Rand Paul Clears Hurdle, Won’t Have to Give Up Senate Seat to Run for President

rand-paulOne little issue that’s been plaguing Rand Paul for a while is the little fact that due to Kentucky state law, he wouldn’t be able to run for president without giving up his Senate seat, because the law states candidates can’t run for two different offices on the same ballot.

But this weekend, Paul finally cleared that hurdle.

How? By asking the state Republican party to change the Kentucky primary to a party caucus.

According to The New York Times, Paul was not permitted to run both for Senate and president on the primary ballot, and so by switching out the primary for a caucus he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.

And a state party chairman informed CNN that given the high cost of the change, Paul said he would pay a significant percentage of the cost by September 18th.

Paul himself released a statement after the vote yesterday:

I applaud the Republican Party of Kentucky on their decision to hold a caucus in the upcoming Republican presidential cycle. The people of Kentucky deserve a voice as the GOP chooses their next nominee, and holding a caucus will ensure that Kentucky is relevant and participates early in the process. I am also grateful for the Republican Party’s trust in me, allowing me to run for re-election to the U.S. Senate and seek the nomination for the Presidency of the United States!

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