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Ray J’s Wedding Present to Kim Kardashian: The Profits from Their Sex Tape

The upcoming nuptials between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is truly shaping up to be a fairytale wedding, in that Ray J just assumed the role of the evil fairy. You know, the one who turns up to a wedding to bestow a “gift” to the happy couple, but the gift happens to be a curse, the princess bride happens to be Kim, and the curse is “four months’ worth of profits from their sex tape.”

Ray J the Evil Hip Hop Fairy told TMZ that his “gift” to Kimye was accumulated between January and February of this year, totaling nearly $47,000. Keep in mind that according to Vivid Entertainment, the sex tape, released seven years ago, has already made $50 million, and that the profits are already split evenly between Ray J and Kim.

(In other news, Western civilization is fundamentally broken and the middle class is dying.)

Considering that Kim’s already made three fortunes off of the sex tape, and presumably even more off everything she’s done afterwards, this is totally a cursed gift, meant to shame Kim into remembering her humble porn star roots. (It even has the Mark of TMZ on it, a sign of the accursed!) Ray J also says that he will bestow the “gift” on a charity should Kim refuse, and boy would we hate being the charity Ray J gave his sex money to.

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