Real World Recap Podcast, Episode 8

It’s time for podcast #6, and episode #8 of Mediaite’s Real World Recap podcast!

We’re live at 9amET Thursday to talk about all things D.C. – with a special reality TV guest.

> Update: Here’s today’s show:

This season of Real World takes place in Washington D.C. So the show will highlight the intersection of politics and reality TV – two topics the media loves. Catch up on who’s in the cast here.

The show airs at 10pmET, and we’ll be live on BlogTalkRadio at 9amET Thursday morning. We’ll recap the episode, explore some of the topics discussed and take on the reality TV world as a whole. The plan is to do this each week – and bring on special guests from the world of reality TV as well.

We’re back with Ibis Del Mar of Road Rules X-Treme (season 13). She has competed in a few Real World/Road Rules Challenges, including Battle of the Sexes II, The Gauntlet II and, most recently, The Ruins. Follow her on Twitter here.

You can listen to the show live by clicking here, or you can check back to this page and listen to the archived version a few minutes after we sign off (about 20 minutes). You can call in as well to weigh in on this week’s episode, or just ask us a question, at (347) 637-1713.

Check out our last podcast here.

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