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Really?! The Lorax Is Being Used To Shill For SUVs

Irony died this week when the hyper-saccharine, “rainbow-barf monstrosity” 3D-CG film adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax announced they were partnering with Mazda to greenwash their CX-5 sport utility vehicle. Are you kidding me?

Mother JonesKate Sheppard observes that “the car is a standard fuel-injection-engine SUV” and while, “apparently better than other SUVs on the market” it still was “not that good.”

In the ad, a narrator gives a disgustingly cheery overview of the car:

Who delivers outstanding fuel efficiency without compromising the joy of driving?

Mazda! With SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY and who received the only certified truffula tree seal of approval…

Wait…*record scratch* — what did they say?

Truffula tree friendly? How is that even quantifiable?

A Toyota Prius or a Nissan Leaf would be one thing, but a full-blown SUV?!

Having The Lorax shill for a sport utility vehicle is like using clips of Requiem For A Dream to sell diet pills, it goes completely against the spirit of the source material!

Say it ain’t so, Danny DeVito! You told us in Chris Paine’s Revenge of the Electric Car, that your electric EV1 was “the coolest car” you ever had.

Here you are, demanding to know, “who killed the electric car?”:

And now you’ve seemingly turned your back on your principles in participating in this crass, combustion engine-hawking ad?

Shame on everyone involved in this abomination.

Watch the commercial below:

(h/t MoJo)

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