Remember When Trump Said That Romney Should Release His Taxes?


Donald Trump told the AP in an interview published Wednesday that he would not release his tax returns before the November election.

In Jan. 2012, speaking to Fox’s Greta Van Susteren, the real estate mogul discussed Mitt Romney, who was then a candidate seeking the Republican nomination. Romney had endured similar calls to disclose his tax returns. Trump, who eventually endorsed Romney, told Van Susteren, “I think Mitt was hurt really very badly by this whole thing with the income tax returns.”

Their interview continued:

VAN SUSTEREN: Has Governor Romney been boxed on this tax return thing, and if he called you up tonight and said, Donald what should I do about tax return thing, should I release them or not?

TRUMP: I think first answer would have been good. It should have been delivered a certain way. But April 1st historically is the time that everybody gives them.

VAN SUSTEREN: I hear April 1, I think of April Fool’s Day.

TRUMP: OK, make it April 2nd.

VAN SUSTEREN: If he called you in light of the situation he in now from clamoring from opponents, would it political be shrewd he would release them now?

TRUMP: I think he may have to. I think he a step went too far. I think that April 1st or April 2nd was OK. But now I think in light of the fact that he started discussing some of the things, namely the rate or approximately the rate, I think it probably be better off just to release them now.

You can view the complete transcript here. Check out the video above courtesy of Fox News.

[image via screengrab c. 2014]

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