Rep. Akin Was Right About Rape And Pregnancy, If He’d Been Talking About… Ducks

That’s right, folks.

Senate GOP nominee Rep. Todd Akin would have been correct that victims of “legitimate” rape do not get pregnant because of natural resistance mechanisms… if he had been talking about female ducks.

To wit: In order to protect against “legitimate” rape, duck vaginas have evolved over time (hey wait — evolution? likely an illegitimate term in Akin’s dictionary) to include mechanisms to resist male ducks’ forced access, including dead-ends and corkscrew shapes.

Male duck penises have a counterclockwise thread, and the female duck vagina has developed a clockwise tubing. This makes successful penetration much harder if the female is non-cooperative. The dead ends make it so that sperm will land into the wrong area and thus fail to reach the female duck’s eggs. However, a perfectly willing female is much more easily impregnated.

So… at least for ducks, victims of rape are much less likely to get pregnant. For humans, not so much.

Yay! Science!

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