Rep. Dennis Kucinich Leads Lawsuit Against White House For Libya Mission

Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich has seen enough from this White House and is now leading the charge with nine other members of Congress to try and stop President Obama from continuing military action in Libya. The bipartisan group of members from the House even includes Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

The lawsuit filed against the Obama administration seeks:

“Injunctive and declaratory relief to protect the plaintiffs and the country from a stated policy of defendant Barack Obama, president of the United States, whereby a president may unilaterally go to war in Libya and other countries without the declaration of war from Congress.”

Additionally, Kucinich hopes that a judge can rule that the President may not commit American troops to war under the authority of the United Nations or NATO. Kucinich said in a statement, “with regard to the war in Libya, we believe that the law was violated.” Kucinich never lets party loyalty get in the way of his true opinions on an issue, and now with Speaker of the House John Boehner also demanding explanations from Obama regarding Libya, might a change in the White House’s foreign policy be forthcoming?

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