Rep. Matt Gaetz Says Hannity Would Be Less Powerful in White House Than at Fox News


It seems Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) just admitted that Donald Trump‘s media supporters are in a better position to defend the president from outside the White House than inside of it.

It all began when actor John Leguizamo slammed Fox News and accused the network of glossing Trump’s press conference yesterday with Vladimir Putin. Even though several Fox News figures have criticized the president for the way he handled things, Leguizamo specifically called out several of the outlet’s most prominent figures who only offered mild criticism (if any) over the events in Helsinki.

Leguizamo also tagged Gaetz with his tweet, so the congressman decided to respond by offering a…strangely-frank statement about why Fox’s biggest names aren’t part of the formal administration.

Looks like someone’s saying the the quiet part out loud today.

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