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Rep. Peter King: If Arizona Shooter Had Been Muslim, “It Would’ve Been A Total Defense Of Islam”

New York congressman Peter King was on Laura Ingraham‘s radio show Thursday, and he was asked by Ingraham how the political aftermath would’ve played out had the suspected shooter in Arizona been a Muslim.

Ingraham asked, “If Jared Lougner happened to have been one of the more radicalized Muslims who had carried out attacks or attempted attacks on American soil…how do you think this would have played out, similarly or different?”

King said “Totally different.” The congressman went on:

The first statement [from the left after past instances of Islamic terror] was we have no right to judge an entire community by one person. This is a deranged gunman who in no way reflects what Islam stands for, and it would be terrible if Americans tried to even look at Islam as being responsible for this. It would have been a total defense of Islam, a total isolation of this person as an individual acting by himself, and an implied attack on anyone that would even question whether or not his religious beliefs were involved.

Listen to it here, from The Laura Ingraham Show:

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