Rep. Steve King Shares Picture of Hispanic Children: ‘Prime MS-13 Gang Material’


The most shamelessly racist Republican in Congress is back on his bullshit. Rep. Steve King of Iowa — who, just recently, retweeted a neo-Nazi and cited a white supremacist publication on his congressional website — commented on a photo of seven Hispanic boys and claimed they are “prime MS-13 gang material.”

“Young boys’ all old enough to be tried as adults or serve in the military,” King wrote while quote tweeting a photo of migrant children. “Prime MS-13 gang material & certainly grew up in the culture of one of the top 10 most violent countries in the world.”

Given King’s history of promoting white supremacy, the tweet should come as no surprise, but he still received a barrage of backlash from pundits, journalists, and other Twitter users for reaching peak white anxiety:

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