Repeatedly Questioned, Two Democratic Lawmakers Refuse To Comment On Bill Maher’s Remarks

Repeatedly Questioned, Democratic Lawmakers Refuse To Comment On Bill Maher's Remarks

A freelance journalist (and Republican strategist) tracked down two Democratic lawmakers who condemned Rush Limbaugh‘s remarks about Sandra Fluke and asked them why they haven’t similarly denounced Bill Maher‘s remarks about Sarah Palin. In a video running just under three minutes, the reporter followed them, repeatedly pressing the question — only to get “no comment.”

Speaking to Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, he asked, “Are you going to call on Obama’s Super PAC to return the million dollars they got from Bill Maher? And if not, why not?” The question was met with total non-response.

The encounter with Illinois Senator Jan Schakowsky lasted considerably longer, as the reporter followed her walking down the street. In response to repeated questioning (“Why won’t you speak out? Isn’t misogyny misogyny no matter which side does it?”), Schakowsky asked, “Rush Limbaugh?” The reporter clarified, continued questioning and then stated, “So, I guess the headline is you’re refusing to call what Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin offensive?”

Eventually, an aide offered a press statement, but the reporter refused, saying, “I’ve got the congresswoman right here.” The whole thing ended rather predictably with Schakowsky stating, “I’m not making a comment. I’m making no comment.”

Take a look below: (Language – NSFW)

(H/T Washington Free Beacon)

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