Report: Bannon Wanted Anti-Travel Ban Protests, Hoped They’d Rile Up GOP


On Tuesday, published a profile of Stephen Miller, Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor to the President, which serves as the cover story, titled “Minister of Truth,” of the new issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. While an interesting piece about how Miller fits into the administration, the most immediately newsworthy item in the article was about Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Specifically, it cites one Trump administration source as saying that Bannon, in serving as the architect of the rollout of Trump’s “travel ban” executive order, had a grand idea of how to maximize the political benefit of said order’s rollout.

Specifically, the article, written by Joshua Green, says that the plan hinged on the order being signed on the afternoon of January 27th — a Friday. A “senior administration” official told Green that the idea was that with those opposed to the policy being off of work for the weekend, they could stage protests more easily, which would fire up Trump supporters who saw him as living up to a campaign promise.

The lack of clarity on what exactly the order meant, though, soon took away attention from the protests, as focus shifted to long-time legal American residents being kept out of the country when returning from trips abroad.


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