Report: Bradley Manning Cleared To Leave Isolation Cell

The BBC is reporting this morning that Bradley Manning, the soldier targeted in the WikiLeaks scandal who has been held in isolation at Fort Leavenworth, has been cleared to be held as a medium-security prisoner. According to Fort Leavenworth Commandant Lt. Col. Dawn Hilton, Manning will be treated like any other prisoner. “We’re firm but fair. We treat everybody – staff and inmates – with dignity and respect,” she was quoted by the Kansas City Star as saying.

As the BBC notes, Manning’s treatment has been the subject of criticism:

There had been growing international concern at the treatment of Pte Manning during his detention in Quantico, Virginia.His lawyers said he had been subjected to 24-hour surveillance and was forced to relinquish his clothing before bedding down for the night, then forced to stand naked at roll call.

Now, Manning will be allowed visitors, mail and three hours of recreation per day–some outdoors and some at the prison library.

Tags: BBC, Bradley Manning

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