Report: Casey Anthony Changing Name, Living ‘In Disguise’ Upon Release

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting today that, upon release, Casey Anthony is considering the lifestyle of someone under Witness Protection: new name, new appearance, and new undisclosed home. According to the report, Anthony is aware of her national reputation: she fears death threats and is deciding how to keep her identity under wraps.

The Sun-Times managed to nab a source who is close enough to Anthony to know of her plans, but who claims to not be close enough to know where Anthony will be living after her release. The source notes that Anthony is “fully aware of the various death threats,” but not quite to the point of understanding the level of infamy she has reached nationally.” Casey really does not completely understand the depth of hatred out there,” the source argued, adding that she has adamantly refused cosmetic surgery, opting instead only for “disguises she can easily employ.”

Anthony will be released this weekend, and the source did not elaborate on whether there were mechanisms in place in order for Anthony to leave jail and arrive at her destination while avoiding the media. Once there, keeping a low profile may prove especially difficult if Anthony decides to take up any interview or other media offers that come her way, which the source claims are being made available to her despite many speculating that publishers would find her too toxic for a book deal.


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