Fox News Shuts Down ‘Fox News Latino’ Coverage and Programming

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-12-00-06-pmFox News Latino is no more, at least according to Bryan Llenas, its national correspondent.

Llenas took to Twitter shortly ago to announce that Fox News Latino “is history,” noting that it was a sad day to see the news effort — which was launched just over six years ago — be brought to an end.

“After midnight, will officially be history,” he wrote, detailing how the motive behind Fox News Latino was “an honest attempt to give voice to the voiceless and bring often ignored stories from the Latino community to the mainstream.”

Llenas admitted in his announcement, “we also had to work extra hard to break preconceived notions about what the Fox News brand meant in diverse Latino communities,” before defiantly saying FNL was “unequivocally” not a failure.

“We have so much to be proud of,” Llenas concluded. The Fox News Latino team was comprised of Liz Llorente, Carolyn Salazar, Erika Garcia, Lucia Suarez Sang, Andrew O’Reilly, Rebekah Sager, William Vourvoulias, Alex Vros, and Carmen Llona.

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