Report: Jeb Bush No Longer Cares if His Last Name Is in a Rut

Bush is a fairly unpopular name in the political world (as well as in some corners of the pornographic world but that’s a topic for another website).

President George H.W. Bush was kicked out of the White House after one term and his son George W. Bush left office on a low note.

Former first lady Barbara Bush said the U.S. has “had enough Bushes.”

But then there’s former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush who, according CNN, is at peace with it now, though.

The report says he met with South Carolina donors on Thursday to talk about a potential run for the presidency in 2016.

Understandably, Jeb was asked if he thought his last name would be a setback. CNN reports he responded that he “quit worrying about that a long time ago.”

It was actually only eight months ago that Jeb said his last name is “an issue, for sure,” but if he’s come to terms with it, so have we.

Jeb is a Bush and he is proud.

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