Report: Police Arrested UVA Student for Intoxication While Knowing He Wasn’t Drunk

An unreleased police report indicates that Martese Johnson, the 20-year-old student whose arrest for public intoxication quickly went viral as the cops tackled him to the ground and injured him, wasn’t actually intoxicated — and the cops who arrested him knew that.

The image of a bloodied Johnson, an honors student at the prestigious University of Virginia, quickly went viral, and questions arose as to whether the members of the Virginia Alcohol and Beverage Commission went overboard in his arrest. According to the report, as detailed by the Richmond Free Press, the ABC officers targeted Johnson after he’d been turned away from a bar, believing that he might have a fake ID.

Though the ABC initially reported that Johnson was drunk and resisted arrest, the report, commissioned by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, found that Johnson did indeed cooperate and showed them his ID before being tackled to the ground.

Thanks to the report — a “thick” document over a hundred pages long, according to his lawyer — Johnson may not face any charges. McAuliffe has reportedly ordered reform measures for the ABC officers, “whose reputation has been tarnished by repeated allegations of brutality.”

The video of the arrest can be seen below:

[Image via screenshot/The Cavalier Daily]

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