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Report: Roger Ailes Warned Sarah Palin To ‘Lie Low’ And Not Make ‘Blood Libel’ Video

Might another Fox News contributor and rumored potential presidential candidate soon be on their way out from the channel? According to a report from New York Magazine, Sarah Palin’s “going rogue” against the advice of Fox News boss Roger Ailes, could have left her on thin ice with the channel.

The report suggests that during the days after the Arizona shooting tragedy, when Palin’s rhetoric was being blamed by some in the media as having inspired the shooter, Palin was eager to respond and called Ailes for advice. Ailes suggested she “lie low” and that there was “no need to inject [herself] into the story.” As many recall, Palin pursued an entirely different strategy, making herself the story for several days to come with a video message suggesting a “blood libel” had been waged against her.

Ailes, allegedly, was left wondering why Palin even called him for advice at all. Despite this potential rift, given that Palin is a consistent ratings draw across all Fox programming, it seems the only factor that could impact her future at Fox is if she does decide to run for President. Although after this, Ailes might not be so eager to help advise her on another decision.

Check out the full report at New York Magazine.

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