REPORT: Senior Russian Officials Celebrated Donald Trump’s Election Victory

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-9-57-35-amThe Washington Post is reporting today that American intelligence agencies intercepted communications that show senior officials in the Russian government celebrating Donald Trump’s election victory and congratulating themselves for helping him win.

It was this reaction, in part, that allowed the intelligence community to come to the conclusion that the Russian government was involved in efforts to influence the election to assist Trump. Other information in the intelligence report includes Russia’s use of actors to provide hacked information to WikiLeaks.

It was noted that this report was delivered to President Barack Obama today and will be presented to President-elect Donald Trump in his meeting with intelligence leaders tomorrow.

Officials wouldn’t indicate if these communications were contained in the report delivered to Obama. However, one WaPo source had the following to say about the Russians’ actions.

“The Russians felt pretty good about what happened on Nov. 8 and they also felt pretty good about what they did,” a senior U.S. official said.

The Senate held a hearing with intelligence heads today to get more information about Russian hacking efforts. During the hearing, James Clapper indicated that Russia was also behind the dissemination of a lot of fake news.

Trump has been reluctant throughout to accept the assessments of the intelligence community, calling them “ridiculous” and seemingly siding with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange over America’s intelligence agencies.

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