Report: Trump’s Campaign Is in a ‘Save My Marriage’ Moment After Speech Plagiarism Crisis


According to NBC News’ Katy Tur who spoke with campaign sources around the Donald Trump camp, he ads are about to roll after the accusations that Melania Trump‘s speech Monday night may have been, in part, plagiarized.

Tur filed her report from outside Trump Tower in New York City Tuesday morning, and indicated that the situation is more of a “save my marriage” scenario rather than just a crises of the campaign trail.

Reportedly, Melania Trump was never overly enthused about doing the speech to begin with at the Convention. She has been a rarely-seen force on the campaign trail, with her longest speech of the entire 2016 cycle clocking in at only :90 seconds before Monday night. The intention behind having Mrs. Trump speak was to, “show a different side of Donald Trump.” The campaign pegged the speech as the cornerstone of Monday night’s broadcast, putting, “their best person,” on the speech with the candidate’s wife because, “they wanted Melania to outshine everybody.”

“Somebody’s head is going to roll because of this,” offered Tur Tuesday about the state of the campaign staff just hours after the speech. “Somebody needs to stand up and take responsibilty for this,” said Tur of the mood inside the camp.

It is a moment for the Trump campaign that significantly dampens the start of the long-awaited Cleveland convention, one that otherwise was packed with memorable moments of excitement, crowd-energizing speeches, and easily the greatest entrance in the history of professional wrestling political conventions.

Watch the above report from Katy Tur above via MSNBC.

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