Report: White House Jumper Wasn’t Caught by Secret Service For 15 Minutes

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A new report indicates that last week’s White House fence jumper had quite a stretch of time to himself on the grounds before Secret Service agents apprehended him.

Last week, Johnathan Tran was charged with entering restricted grounds when he hopped the White House fence with two cans of mace in his possession. CNN spoke with Secret Service officials about the security failure, and they have reported that Tran wasn’t caught until around 15 minutes after breaching the perimeter.

Tran reportedly managed to avoid setting off certain sensors during his intrusion, though he was arrested just outside the White House door as he tripped different alarms. President Trump gave his compliments to the Secret Service after Than’s capture, saying they “did a fantastic job” dealing with the “troubled person.”

Between this, the selfies with Trump’s grandson, and the stolen laptop containing information about Trump Tower, it just hasn’t been the Secret Service’s week.

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