Reporter Faces Online Backlash for Asking if Obama Watching Basketball ‘Bugs’ Anyone

Presidents need their downtime too, and over the weekend, President Obama and his family watched a college basketball game together. KATU reporter Anna Canzano wondered if this image of Obama at a basketball game “bugs” people, and posted that very question on Facebook and Twitter, leading to quite a bit of negative feedback.

Canzano posed the same question on KATU News’ Facebook page, her personal company Facebook page, and Twitter.

The very question bothered a lot of people, culminating in the wave of negative responses below.

For her part, Canzano engaged with some of the Facebook users criticizing her, and clarified what she meant to Poynter.

I wondered in light of the ACA problems he’d just apologized for if there would be blowback seeing him enjoy downtime — the way other presidents have been scrutinized during challenging times for their administrations. It doesn’t mean his presence at the OSU Beavers game bugged me — it actually didn’t.

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