Reporter Trump Said ‘No One Ever Heard Of’ Tells MSNBC They’ve Known Each Other For Years


Last night, Rachel Maddow got people talking by reporting that David Cay Johnston obtained Donald Trump‘s 2005 1040, which showed he paid $38 million in taxes on a little over $150 million in income.

Trump tweeted about the leak, saying “nobody ever heard” of Johnston, in spite of the fact that he is a respected journalist who has won a Pulitzer for his tax reporting, has 60,000 Twitter followers, and wrote a bestseller about, well, Trump himself. Oh, and don’t forget that thanks to a stamp on the 1040 that says “client copy,” a lot of people think the President himself leaked the form straight to the writer.

Johnston chatted with Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC about that today.

“I have known Donald for almost 30 years,” said the allegedly unknown journalist. “I’m the author of the best-selling Trump biography in the world, The Making of Donald Trump. I’m the person who revealed in 1990 that rather than being a multibillionaire, he had a negative net worth. Donald has been unhappy with the facts I have reported about him for a long time.”

Johnston did not believe that Trump sent the return himself, but also did not believe the old story that Trump can’t release his current tax releases because he’s under audit.

What seemed to surprise him most was not that Trump was acting like they’d never met — which any biographer would know is Trump’s signature move after disparaging a journalist — but that he was getting upset about tax returns that more or less made him look good, or at the very least, didn’t make him look worse.

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