Reporters Escorted Out Of Romney Event At Newseum

Mitt Romney had an event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, where, after his speech, he stayed on to take questions. At which point reporters were escorted out of the room.

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The Republican candidate was at the event to speak to executives at the Business Roundtable. The Boston Globe reported that after Romney’s remarks, reporters were not allowed to stay and listen to the questions. Via the Globe:

Romney stayed to take questions. But following his 28-minute address — held at the Newseum, which is situated between the US Capitol and the White House – reporters were escorted out of the room and weren’t allowed to listen to the questions.

Marty Baron, editor at the Globe, tweeted on Thursday:

As you’ll recall, we’ve covered a couple other similar instances. Back in May, a Romney aide physically blocked members of the press at the rope line, preventing them from asking questions. Shortly thereafter, Vice President Joe Biden was criticized for moving Columbus Dispatch reporter Joe Vardon off the rope line, when he was trying to ask a question about coal.

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