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Republican Linda McMahon Making One Final Pitch To Obama Voters To Support Her Too

Linda McMahon is making her final play to win over Democrats and independents with new campaign doorhangers reading “Vote Barack Obama For President And Vote Linda McMahon For U.S. Senate.” This comes on the heels of McMahon’s campaign releasing a video ad touting McMahon as an independent and featuring voters who support both Obama and McMahon.

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McMahon is running on both the Republican and Independent party tickets this election cycle, but many Republicans are unhappy with McMahon for publicly encouraging people to support her and Obama in the same ticket despite McMahon’s person support of Mitt Romney. Talking Points Memo confirms that McMahon still backs Romney in the presidential election.

But while many would point to McMahon running on the independent ticket as a good reason for her to make a play for the center, the doorhanger specifically says to vote for both Obama and McMahon. After running the video ad making an appeal to Obama voters, Republicans were quick to criticize McMahon for what one supporter phrased as “an implicit endorsement of Obama.”

The McMahon campaign has also been distributing sample ballots telling voters they should vote for Obama on the Democratic party line and McMahon on the independent party line. Here’s an image of the ballot:

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