Republican Paul Broun Compares Obama’s Health Care Bill To Snooki From “Jersey Shore”

Well…at least the conservatives are getting a little more relevant! Probably to appeal to us hip kids these days and make groovy 20-somethings care about Republican opposition to the health care bill, today Rep. Paul Broun released a statement saying, “Snookie, from the Jersey Shore, has more substance than President Obama‘s offer.” Wait, it gets better.

Continuing with the metaphor of MTV’s popular show, Broun said:

This is “The Situation,” Mr. President: the American people do not want unconstitutional mandates and job-killing tax increases.

Which is really pushing it. It’s a good thing this was all written down and not said during a press conference, or Broun would have had to make those little bunny air-quotes in order for us to realize he was still making a Jersey Shore reference.

Jake Tapper took this opportunity to remind people where they could find Snooki on Twitter. And possibly ask how she feels about the comparison? Because if there’s one thing we’re dying to know it’s the politics of Snooki and The Sitch.

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