Retired Lt. Gen. Slams Trump on CNN For Handling of Ambush in Niger: ‘Shameful’

Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling, newly hired by CNN, was unequivocal.

“You asked me to be your military analyst,” Hertling said. “This is the simplest thing I’ve analyzed yet.”

His analysis on President Donald Trump’s handling of the ambush in Niger which left four U.S. soldiers dead?

“The president lied,” Hertling said — referring to Trump’s claim, on Monday, that past Presidents including Barack Obama did not call the families of fallen soldiers. “Then he attempted to blame the generals for telling him what he lied about. And then the most important thing is he was making excuses for not having made contact [with the families of the fallen soldiers from the Niger ambush] after 12 days. All three of those things are not a good look for a commander in chief.”

Hertling that many members of the armed forces, past and present, were troubled by Trump’s remarks.

“A commander, which the president is, to do the kinds of things he did yesterday — I would put it in a shameful category, to be honest with you,” Hertling said. “My colleagues and peers, both retired and active, felt the same way.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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