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Retired NFL Great: ‘Ridiculous’ to Think Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ is ‘So Far Out There’ From Normal

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-52-58-pmThroughout the week, a number of athletes — including, most prominently, LeBron James — have pushed back against the idea that Donald Trump‘s leaked 2005 lewd comments were reflective of typical “locker room banter.” But a new report offers assessments from a few NFL players — including retired Jacksonville Jaguars great Tony Boselli — who suggest that Trump’s claim has merit.

“To act like what Donald Trump said is so far out there from what’s said in a locker room, that’s ridiculous,” Boselli said in an in-depth article by Bleacher Report.

“I think the joking around and crass talk inside a locker room would be considered inappropriate,” Boselli added. “And most people wouldn’t like what’s said in a lot of locker rooms.”

Bleacher Report collected the thoughts of a number of current and former NFL players and coaches on the subject of locker room talk. Many joined the flood of athletes who have Donald Trump’s comments as being way outside the norm of typical locker room chatter. But a few disagreed.

“You get a bunch of teenagers and 20-year-olds around each other [in college], you’d be shocked at what comes out of people’s mouths sometimes,” said Rich Ohrnberger, an offensive lineman who has played for three NFL teams. “But those are what comes out, and it’s definitely not intended for public consumption.”

Check out the full piece here, via Bleacher Report

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