Revealed! Sarah Palin Is Not A Diva

Sarah+Palin+Launches+Book+Tour+Memoir+Going+QZVLyBBx6FylTalking Points Memo has got its hands on Sarah Palin’s events rider for her book tour. For those of you not familiar with the term rider it is basically a list of instructions and requests (demands) sent ahead to event locales for the people in charge of organizing said event. It is also often a measure of how demanding a person can be and/or how highly they think of themselves. For example Van Halen famously demanded all the brown M&M’s be removed from their dressing rooms.

Anyway, you will be happy (or surprised, depending) to hear that Sarah Palin invokes no such demands in her Going Rogue rider. Beyond the banning of four bloggers (excerpt below) — Todd’s working the door when it comes to them — it’s fairly straightforward and mostly aimed at easing the experience for fans.

Picture 1

The four banned media folks, meanwhile, are all local Alaska bloggers who appear to have personally ticked off the Palin’s in one manner or another.

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