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Revealed: The Obama Family Vacation Reading List

The Obamas have landed in Martha’s Vineyard for their annual summer vacation (no doubt with fingers crossed that a breaking national news story is not on their heels). Yesterday President Obama and daughters stopped by local Bunch of Grapes bookstore to pick up some summer reading.

Fans of Jonathan Franzen — who recently graced the cover of Time (the first author to do so in a decade) — will be interested to hear that Obama managed to snag an early copy of Franzen’s much-anticipated new novel ‘Freedom’ after the store owners reportedly fished one out and presented it to him as a gift. The book will not be available to the public until the end of the month.

As for the rest of the family, older daughter Malia reportedly got a copy of John Steinbeck‘s ‘The Red Pony’ and Sasha a copy of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’ Will all this book news result in a sales boost? Politico thinks so: “Last summer, when he was reading four or five books on vacation, sales of all those shot through the roof.” Whether or not it can compete with the Glenn Beck effect remains to be seen.

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