Reza Aslan: Muslims Are Condemning Terrorism, Critics Just Aren’t Listening

Since the horrible Paris attacks last week, there have been plenty of pundits and public figures calling on moderate Muslims and community leaders to speak out condemning attacks by Islamic extremists and terrorists. Reza Aslan, a religious scholar who’s become a frequent TV news guest when such issues arise, said on Meet the Press this morning that

Aslan told Chuck Todd that every single major Muslim organization in the U.S. and around has condemned this attack and plenty others. He explained, “Anyone who keeps saying that ‘We need to hear the moderate voice of Islam, why aren’t Muslims denouncing these violent attacks?’ doesn’t own Google.”

Aslan was also disturbed by the suggestion that 1.7 billion Muslims are responsible for the actions of a few extremists (as Rupert Murdoch strongly intimated on Twitter). “The answer to Islamic violence,” he said, “is Islamic peace. The answer to Islamic bigotry is Islamic pluralism.”

Watch the video below, via NBC:

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