Richmond’s Jefferson Davis Statue Vandalized with ‘Black Lives Matter’

black_lives_matter_rvaAs controversy over public displays of Confederate symbolism moves beyond just the Virginia Army’s rebel flag, statues of Confederate leaders have now come under fire. A Richmond, Va., monument to Confederate President Jefferson Davis was vandalized this week as a result.

Richmond was the capital city of the Confederate States of America. Davis’ statue is one of several Confederate monuments along this particular avenue in the city. City workers are reportedly working to power-wash the spray-painted “BLACK LIVES MATTER” from the statue’s base.

More on the story, via NBC12:

As the day progressed, a small group of protesters gathered at the monument, holding signs that also said “Black Lives Matter.” At one point a man donning a Confederate flag bandanna arrived with a can of “Goof Off” spray paint remover and tried to further remove the graffiti, although it may have actually done more damage to the monument in the process.

Watch the report below:

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

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