Rick Sanchez Jumps Into The Primetime Boxing Match By Going After Goldline

On CNN’s Rick’s List tonight, Rick Sanchez invited on Congressman Anthony Weiner to discuss his continuing crusade against Goldline and their celebrity endorsers like Glenn Beck. Sanchez explained to his viewers that he was doing the segment because some of them may be “confused” by what their hearing about gold. One can’t help but wonder if the real reason though, was to try to stake out some territory in the fight against his new primetime rivals.

Don’t get me wrong, the segment was interesting and Sanchez did a good job pressing Weiner on why he’s specifically attacking Goldline as well as during the second part of the piece when he brought on a representative from the company. Still though, this is pretty old news. Keith Olbermann did the same segment last May (without getting Goldline’s side however) which led, of course, to the wonderful Weiner Facts response from Beck. As good as the interviews may have been, they probably weren’t the best choice if Sanchez wants his show to appear unique.

There’s a fascinating moment in the first half when Sanchez feigns shock when Weiner accuses Beck of purposefully scaring his viewers. However, Sanchez does it almost halfheartedly and Weiner can’t tell if he’s kidding or not. Hopefully Sanchez will see that moment as a sign that he should leave the Olbermann shtick to MSNBC.

View the first half of the segment below. Please check here for the full interview when it becomes available from CNN.

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