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Rick Santorum’s New ‘Pop-Up’ Iowa Ad Focuses On His Family (And His Dog)

Rick Santorum is unveiling a new ad today in Iowa, offering up something fresh and different from your usual ol’ crop of “Guy Smoking into Camera” or “Guy In Jacket Telling The Story of how the Gays Stole Christmas” political ads.

Santorum’s spot focuses primarily on his family, highlighting the former senator’s 21-year marriage and his children, whom, the ad notes, were all home-schooled. (Although is dog, it adds, was not.) Special attention is paid to little Isabella Santorum, who has a chromosome-related condition called Trisomy 18.

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The ad also highlights Santorum’s love of sports, even if he might be better at passing legislation than footballs. Some of those pieces of legislation are mentioned, including welfare reform and Santorum’s work in making partial-birth abortions illegal in the U.S. All this is presented in the style of everyone favorite music video trivia show, Pop-Up Video. And the format works rather well, we think, as a good meld of cutesy, “gettin’-to-know-you” bits of trivia with more substantive information about Santorum as a candidate. Plus: You can’t go wrong with dogs.

Have a look at the ad for yourselves:

h/t Politico

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