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Right Fight: Daily Caller Calls Out Breitbart For Publishing Unedited Trump Press Release

Among reporters, it’s considered very unethical to simply reprint a press release as it appears in the original email. Press releases are crafted by people who are being paid by the entities they’re writing about, after all; it’s the job of the journalist to make sure everything inside the release is true and isn’t distracting from anything more pressing.

Conservative site The Daily Caller is staffed by reporters who know and respect that, which is why they called out even more conservative site Breitbart for doing it to a press release that came from Donald Trump‘s people. Look at this:


They moved quickly to condemn their contemporaries at the rival site:

The press release, sent to reporters at 9:30 on Tuesday morning, aggregated praise from prominent Republicans, foreign policy experts, and business leaders for Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson … The only meaningful difference between the initial Breitbart story and the press release is the headline … Breitbart updated the story after TheDCNF’s inquiries, and added several quotes to the post, including one from the organization’s Washington, D.C., bureau chief Matthew Boyle. Prior to this update, it appears Breitbart wholesale lifted the entirety of the post from the Trump press release.

They went on to subtly bonk their competitor for running the piece under a “Breitbart News” byline instead of attributing the work to an actual reporter.

Read their whole whistleblowing post here and the Breitbart piece here.

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