Right-Wing Blogger: ‘Obama Is Now Leading A Lynch Mob After Zimmerman’

You’ve got to hand it to the right-wing freakout-o-sphere, when they go for it, they really go for it. After largely not giving a crap about the killing of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin until President Obama offered words of comfort to an outraged nation, wingers have gone into a deranged frenzy of conspiracies and smears. Dan Riehl, originator of the Photoshop lie, now sees our Commander-in-Chief as the leader of a “lynch mob” against shooter George Zimmerman…because his campaign is (and always was) selling hoodies!

Maybe Riehl didn’t get Geraldo’s latest memo, that hoodies don’t kill, after all.

LGF’s Charles Johnson notes that the all-powerful Drudge has picked up on a less-crazy version of this story, the suggestion being that this is a deliberate attempt to cash in on Trayvon. Problem is, the Obama reelection campaign has been running a Merchandise Madness special since March 2, long before this became a national news story. He also points out that there doesn’t seem to be a problem when white candidates for president “hawk hoodies.”

The deranged likes of Dan Riehl are a sad commentary on the state of politics these days, when hatred for a political figure can overrun every shred of decency. There are lots of conservatives who aren’t participating in this madness, and they should really try to put a stop to it.

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