RIP: Jay Carney’s Beard

It had a good run, enjoying a blazing-hot moment in the media sun before Chris Christie‘s Bridgegate hit the news, but on Friday morning, January the 24th, in the year 2014, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney‘s beard went to that Big Drano Hair Clog in the Sky. At Friday’s daily briefing, Carney drew gasps and sighs from the assembled press corps when he emerged from the lower press office and took the podium, sans whiskers.

“There’s cheers in the back!” Carney laughed. “Let’s just say you’re not the only one. It took more time than I expected.”

“Was that a straight razor at a barbershop?” asked one reporter (who sounded like Ed Henry).

“No, no, I did it at home, this morning,” Carney answered.

“About an hour long?” the reporter asked.

“Well, couple of reasons,” Carney volunteered. “Because I heard that Ann Compton bet that I would shave before the State of the Union, and I didn’t want her to lose money, and also, if you’ve seen (SOTU speechwriterCody Keenan‘s beard, you know that I have a daily reminder of the insufficiency of my effort. And I decided the time had come to shave.”

“So, here I am,” Carney added with a laugh, “the old me.”

Here’s the clip, from the White House:

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