RNC Chair Reince Priebus Says Anti-Trump Republicans Are Wasting Time, Money, and Breath

trump priebusSpeaking to conservative radio host Mike Gallagher Thursday morning, RNC chair Reince Priebus blasted party members who had yet to fall in line behind Donald Trump.

The anti-Trump flank of the party were wasting time, money, and breath, he said. And he argued that, by advocating against the presumptive nominee, they could cost the party dearly for decades.

Gallagher said it was “infuriating” that there were still elements in the party critical of Trump.

“It’s important for all those folks to understand that support for somebody else, or nobody, is support for Hillary Clinton and [Obama-appointed Justice] Sonia Sotomayor and a lot more of them on the Supreme Court,” Priebus said. “So they’re not just screwing around with the next four years. Some of these folks are screwing around with the next 40 years.”

“Some of these folks, ‘I don’t know if i’m on board yet.’ Well, then what are you doing?” Priebus asked. “You’re just wasting your time, you’re wasting everybody’s money, you’re wasting your breath. This is it. We have the house. We have the senate. We need to win the White House. This is our chance to actually govern in this town and change things for the better. And for some people to take a pass, it is unfathomable why people would have that attitude.”

“It’s maddening, it’s maddening,” Gallagher agreed.

Listen to audio above, courtesy of The Mike Gallagher Show.

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