Roger Stone Says Trump Vs. Clinton Is Like ‘Guerilla’ Colonists Fighting British Royal Soldiers

Trump operative Roger Stone told C-SPAN Thursday that the Trump campaign was a scrappy “guerilla” operation compared to the “well-oiled machine” run by the Clintons, a dynamic he likened to the Revolutionary War.

Like the colonial soldiers of old, Trump’s campaign leaders, Paul Manafort and the recently retained Breitbart chief Stephen Bannon, would have “greater tactical flexibility,” Stone said.

He further dismissed the notion that there was any internal campaign feuding and attempted to downplay reports that the campaign had been in turmoil, causing the recent shakeups.

Stone also said he would continue to be publicly critical of former Trump campaign manager (and now paid CNN commentator) Corey Lewandowski if he continued to attack the campaign. Despite being fired from the campaign in June, Lewandowski has remained fiercely loyal to Trump and his candidacy.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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