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Romney: ‘It’s Always Something with the Clintons’

“It’s a mess,” former 2012 GOP nominee and would-be 2016 candidate Mitt Romney told Yahoo! News’ Katie Couric Wednesday about Hillary Clinton’s recent weeks. “It’s Clintons behaving badly.”

Romney argued that any of the top GOP contenders could defeat Clinton, whom he said was vulnerable over foreign policy and a litany of bad headlines over her private email and account and the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donors.

“It’s always something with the Clintons,” Romney said. “They have rules which they describe before they get into something, and then they decide they don’t have to follow their own rules. And that, I think, is gonna be a real problem for her.”

Couric pointed out that many other office holders had used personal email, including Romney himself. Romney drew a clear distinction between offices like Governor and major cabinet positions.

“She was Secretary of State,” Romney said. “She was making policy that represents history for this country, that will shape the relationship between our country and other countries. That’s why there are rules and regulations that what she says and communicates and deliberates should be part of the historical record.”

Watch the clip below, via Yahoo! News:

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