Ron Paul Snubbed Again: Now CNBC’s Rick Santelli Heralded For Coining “Tea Party”

Even taking into consideration the conservative convention straw polls that have somehow put him in the frontrunner position for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, Ron Paul just can’t catch a break. Now even his most lasting contribution to the national political conversation, the “Tea Party,” is being reappropriated to CNBC on-air editor Rick Santelli.

The intellectual property theft comes to us via Big Journalism, where Gregg Opelka calls him a “forgotten hero” for “technically” being the first to evoke the Boston Tea Party in the context of modern politics. Despite being lightly mocked, Opelka narrates, Santelli continued an anti-big government monologue that Opelka claims started it all:

The unapologetic Santelli just kept ranting, suggesting the Tax Day Tea Party that would very soon come to be—and unwittingly inspiring a modern day grass-roots revolution that threatens to play a huge role in the midterm elections.

He provides the clip of Santelli’s tirade in his post, and dates it February 19th, 2009– two years after Ron Paul supporters first started calling for exactly the same thing. Here is an article from the December 17, 2007 edition Boston Globe entitled “Ron Paul Backers Stage Boston Tea Party, Raise Millions,” chronicling the literal reenactment of the Boston Tea Party that Paul supporters staged that year. And below, video of a Paul supporter-created online ad for the event:

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