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Ron Paul Supporters Heckle Herman Cain At Florida Campaign Stop: ‘You Have A Moral Crisis!’

At a campaign stop in Florida, beleaguered Republican candidate Herman Cain was loudly interrupted by rowdy Ron Paul supporters, who crashed the former Godfather Pizza CEO’s stump speech. “This nation has become a nation of crises,” Cain began. “We have an economic crisis. We have an entitlement spending crisis. We’ve got a foggy foreign policy crisis. We have an energy crisis. We’ve got a moral crisis…” “You have a moral crisis!” heckled a Ron Paul supporter in the crowd, perhaps referring to Cain’s many sexual harassment imbroglios.

“And our biggest crisis is…” Cain doggedly continued under pressure from the hecklers. “Herman Cain!” snarked the demonstrators.

Cain’s supporters struggled to drown out the rabble rousing Ron Paul fans.

Watch the encounter below via The Shark Tank blog:

(h/t TP via Shark Tank)

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