Rosie O’Donnell Sends Bonkers Tweet to Chris Cuomo After Kellyanne Conway Interview: ‘DO UR JOB DAMN IT’


Actress Rosie O’Donnell has been on something of a roll on Twitter lately. The longtime nemesis of President Donald Trump was lambasted on the social network after publicly wondering why Sen. Patty Murray (WA-D) was “always frowning.” As anticipated, she got schooled by folks as to why the expectation for women to always be smiling was, in fact, sexism.

Now, she’s back and is piping mad over an interview CNN’s Chris Cuomo conducted with White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway. The interview was, to be frank, a trainwreck, with Cuomo accusing Conway of using “Trump English” to make a point.

O’Donnell’s response, however, may have been even wackier. She took Cuomo to task for even having Conway on the program, a complaint that has been levied against CNN on-air personalities since the beginning of the Trump administration.

O’Donnell’s tweet, which makes liberal use of the caps lock key, accuses Cuomo of knowing exactly what he is going to get when he books Conway to be on the show.

“Chris – spare us ur journalistic heroics – she lies Chris – u put her on – and u act stunned – indignant – YOU KNOW SHE LIES – WE KNOW SHE LIES – STOP TALKING TO HER CHRIS,” she wrote. “U r no ones hero captain obvious – YOU ARE THE GATEKEEPERS CUOMO!!!! DO UR JOB DAMN IT #DONTBOOKLIARS.”

Her tweet was in response to something Cuomo posted, in which he defended interrupting Conway during their interview.

O’Donnell also Tweeted this about the interview:

In the past, Trump has called O’Donnell a “loser,” “my nice fat little Rosie,” “a total trainwreck,” “crude, rude, obnoxious and dumb,” among other insults.

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