RT (Russia Today) Ad Depicts Eldery Obama, Predicts Edward Snowden’s Presidency

Ever heard of, read or watched RT? It’s the satellite news network formerly known as Russia Today, a generally pro-Russia news network that reports on Vladimir Putin‘s hockey bad-assery and operates as a “propaganda bullhorn” for the Russian president’s administration. Well they just released a new ad and it’s, erm, interesting.

The advertisement, titled “2035,” celebrates the network’s 10th anniversary by imagining an elderly Barack Obama sitting on his porch with an even older John Kerry in the year 2035.

“So what’s new?” Obama asks his former Secretary of State.

“Apart from the fact that no one is afraid of us anymore, there’s nothing new,” Kerry tells his former president.

Following an awkward jab at Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan,” the ex-president goes into his house to grab a few drinks. On the kitchen’s television set, President Edward Snowden hold a press conference in which he promises “a new era of transparency.”

Yes. President Snowden.

Kerry, in a reference to his famous quote, calls the RT broadcast “propaganda bullhorn.” Obama repeats the claim.

So yeah, that happened.

Check out the clip above, via RT.

[h/t Slate]
[Image via screengrab]

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